Tristan Le Govic
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Photo Kerstin Grünling

Born in Brittany, Tristan Le Govic was only six years old when he started learning the Celtic harp at the Plœmeur Conservatoire of Traditional Music. The attraction to music will never leave him.

During his studies he gained numerous prizes and nominations that emphasize the recognition of a talented and accomplished musician. Performing on international stages, critics pronounce him as one of the leading Celtic harpers.

His inspiration comes from the heart of music, poetry, real or imaginary legends, as well as nature or daily - but never innocent - impressions. Rhythm and Harmony are the musical predominant elements in his music. In perpetual movement, his world opens the gates of an extraordinary diversity.

Comments have acclaimed: "The magic of his harp", "His virtuosity", "His exceptional musicality", "The grace of his technique". His concerts are described as being a moment of intense emotion. For the public, he is an enchanter.

updated April 2014,